Easy peasy asparagus

Serves: 5  |  5 Minute Prep Time |  10 Minutes to Cook

While I love the way asparagus tastes, my favorite part of the spring veggie has to be how easy it is to prep. Pick asparagus spears with firm tips, and eat them soon after purchasing. If storing in the fridge, either place in a glass of water or wrap with a wet paper towel.


  1. When ready to prep, snap one asparagus spear where it naturally breaks.
  2. Then simply line up the tops of the bunch and that’s where you trim.
  3. Toss with olive oil and salt and pepper or your favorite spice blend.
  4. Place on a hot griddle for 2 and a half minutes per side.
  5. Top with hemp hearts for a little bit of added protein & healthy fats.


  • 1 Bunch of Asparagus Spears
  • Salt + Pepper to Taste
  • Drizzle of Olive Oil
  • Topping of Hemp Hearts

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