After a lifetime of dieting and body image battles, I'd had enough of the hostility and knew there had to be a gentler approach to healthy living. I learned how to speak kindly to myself and identified a sound nutrition plan that worked for me that didn't include counting calories. I also identified what success looked like to me. I then negotiated the best strategies to take me there, without a fight. I created The Diplomacy Diet™ to help others do the same - shed the mental weight, broker peace with their bodies, and make lasting health changes for body and mind.

About Me

My unique educational background has helped me create strategies that get families to embrace and enjoy healthy living. After attending Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington D.C., I thrilled my father by deciding to work as a fitness instructor after graduation. But, it was my love of fitness and long-distance running that led to an interest in sports nutrition and later, earning a graduate degree in nutrition from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas and becoming a registered dietitian.

And, while at one time my Dad expected me to become a diplomat, as I later joked to him, “I’m an ambassador to good health.” In truth, I had made the connection between healthy living and negotiating; and, I launched The Diplomacy Diet™ to create awareness of the negotiations we make with ourselves throughout the day while learning to broker better deals with ourselves for better health and habits.

A wellness columnist for the San Antonio Express-News for over twelve years and a local TV personality, I currently work as health ambassador for Methodist Healthcare promoting public health campaigns in our community.

Fitness has always been big for me, but what used to be marathons are now power-walks with four pups. I also enjoy strength -training, Pilates, and Peloton classes with Alex and Cody. I live in San Antonio with my husband, Sean Elliott, a former NBA player and current broadcaster for the San Antonio Spurs, and we’re proud parents of three grown children who love most vegetables. Welcome!


Experienced, sound-based strategies

Freedom from traditional diets

Achievable goal-setting

Positive, holistic approach

Empowering sessions

Personalized programming

Real-time access

Sound, research-based strategies

Ready to broker PEACE
with your body?

Think about the negotiations you’re typically and probably unwittingly making that affect your health. Because most of us tend to do the same thing week in and week out. Are you working out in the morning or having brunch (maybe you fit in both)? Getting together with friends for drinks or a hike? Night-cap or call it a night? Shopping for healthy eats and prepping vegetables for the week or winging it? And, are you considering the alternative? Because no matter where you are in your personal health journey, every moment presents an opportunity to choose health. Using The Diplomacy Diet™ program, I can help you identify your goals and intentions, and guide and empower you to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Work with me to create lasting habits to become your best self!



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